TN Chick’s Photo Hunt: Messy

Messy MaxSo I was challenged by my spousal unit to participate in this fun photography hunt. She doesn’t nag, but she strongly encourages me to enter photo contests. She brings home information, which I promptly forget. I appreciate that she likes my photos. I really do. So I’m sticking my toe in the water a little, just for her. She probably figures we should have some purpose for all those photos stored on the external hard drive. Silly woman.

The rules seem to be that we get the new topic each Saturday and then post our photo to our own blog. If you want to see the work of all the participants then you go to TNChick’s Technorati Site . I THINK that’s how it works. Anyway, we’ll figure it out together since this is another family project.

I’m beginning with the December 29, 2007, topic, which was: MESSY. I expect to catch up quickly, and at Julie’s urging, I may go back and do some of the other topics.

This is a picture of our foster son’s work but we aren’t allowed to share his photos until after the adoption (which should be completed soon — I hope). We call him Max (not his real name). He is 15 months old and thinks book shelves are for climbing, not for storing books! I have lots of pics of him making this mess and enjoying it, but he’s blocking the extent of the mess too much to even share one with his back to the camera. As much as he loves books and magazines, I think (hope) he will read as much as his mommies do!

Messy Max

Any advice on using this photo editor would be welcome.

~ by byrningbunny on January 10, 2008.

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