Photo Hunt: Skinny

Skinny Mukiwa

This is my beloved friend, Mukiwa. She died last year and I still miss her dreadfully every day of my life. She was always the thinnest one in our family, so I immediately thought of her when the topic “skinny” appeared. One of the reasons she was so darn skinny was that she was always active, especially after we moved up here to the North. She loved the snow and would spend hours out of doors in the freezing weather, romping and exploring. She would patrol her perimeter every day to ensure that our property was deer free and I’m sure she had many encounters with the other plentiful wildlife we have here: coyote, grouse, voles and mice, and of course, birds!

She loved to chase birds and was in heaven when the geese and ducks were migrating and would land in the paddock across the dirt road. Hundreds of birds overnight there and they are so noisy! Julie can’t stand it because she says they keep her awake. I love the sound as much as I love to hear the coyote singing. Poor Muk was distraught knowing they were outside and she couldn’t go and chase them until the next morning. But in the morning, look out! She would run and run, trying to herd those darn birds, but of course they would take flight and she would run barking after them. At first I worried that she would hurt the birds, but the fun was in the chase. The birds were never in any danger. She would spend hours doing this and I’m sure that helped to keep her the skinniest in our family.

~ by byrningbunny on January 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Photo Hunt: Skinny”

  1. Oh I’m sorry she passed. It’s so difficult for me to deal with pet loss or pet suffering. =(

  2. Thank you. That was thoughtful. We tried to ensure that she didn’t suffer much.

    It was a sucky year overall. We were new to the country and did not yet know to watch out for coyotes, so we also lost our three bravest cats. I’m sure they thought the coyotes were just new puppies to befriend and walked right up to them! We miss them all, but are lucky to still have her friends to love us.

  3. She is beautiful. That was some cold day!

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