888: More books have arrived

The library called just before we left town last weekend, so we picked up a few more books to add to our box.  Still haven’t even finished Artemis Fowl because I’ve spent so much time playing Jewel Quest, but my “Jewel” has swiped my Nintendo for the moment so I have time to write.  She needs to hook up the new controllers she received from Santa and play the new games she got.  I worked long and hard to find Asterix and Obelix Kick Buttix and she hasn’t even opened the box yet.  Yikes.  

Usually we read about one book each every night.  Unless I start reading soon, this challenge may become just like homework!   

The newest books in our box are:

The Orchard Keeper by Cormac McCarthy

Suttree by Cormac McCarthy

Blood Meridian by Cormack McCarthy

The Notorious Lord by Nicola Cornick

The Places in Between by Rory Stewart

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides   *

Only one of these is on my list, so I may have to skip some of them this time through, especially since my little man has stopped taking his second nap every day AND has decided it’s time to get sick again.  We’ve been mopping up snot and drool all day, which is always a treat! 

A sad note for readers today, Jane Rule has passed away.  I found the story in the Globe and Mail, but I’m sure many others will be carrying it.   Many readers will know her name, but I’m sure she holds a special place in the heart of lesbian readers.   There was a time when only those stories with a very sad ending and a message about the dangers of being different were the ones that made it in print.  Regardless, they were probably still read until the covers wore off because they were the only link with others like yourself.  Thankfully, times have changed, as evidenced by this blog and my liberty to share my life (although still not always without fear of repercussion) with my wife and not be locked up in a mental institution or shunned by those who fear our “lifestyle”.  Thank you Ms. Rule for paving the way for others.  We now have many options to choose from when looking for representatives of ourselves and you were instrumental in creating this reality.

 For information about the 888 challenge:  http://triple8challenge.blogspot.com/

~ by byrningbunny on January 15, 2008.

One Response to “888: More books have arrived”

  1. I fear tht if I set up the PS2 I will get FURTHER behind my reading and classwork. There is a method to my madness!

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