888: Still Not Reading From My List

I finished Tony Hillerman’s People of Darkness a couple of days ago.  Julie has decided she needs to play my nintendo instead of hooking up the new controllers she got for the PS2.  Her logic is that if she hooks up the new controllers for the PS2 she won’t do her homework, but instead all she’s done is steal my video game!  Whatever, now I have time to read again.  So after my dismal experience with Artemis Fowl, I picked up People of Darkness.  I don’t really know why I like Tony Hillerman so much.  I’m not enamored of his prose or writing style and the plots are often simplistic, but I guess I love the mystical qualities of the Four Corners area and the information about the different Native Tribes/Bands (it’s tough attempting to be politically correct in two different countries at the same time!) that he shares in his tales. 

This story features Sgt. Jim Chee (I started to say again, but this is actually one of the first books in the series.  Pub.  1980).  I think I enjoy that the characters are so visible to me and just down to earth real people that I might know.  When I saw a remake of one of his books on tv, I was surprised because nobody looked the right way!  They show these movies on the APTN network all the time.  So for me, his books are just brain candy.  Easy and enjoyable reads.  I’ve gotten more frustrated with the poor writing in more recent publications.  Julie won’t even pick up one of his books.  The writing frustrates more than the story compels.  I guess I understand that because I feel the same way about one of her favorite writers (whose name I cannot think of at the moment  —  Precious somebody who writes about the Lady’s Detective Agency.)  


~ by byrningbunny on January 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “888: Still Not Reading From My List”

  1. Sorry – what part of your reading challenge is tony hillerman?

  2. I am interested to see how you incorprate this into your list .. category ” books not anywhere else on my list but I read them anyway” LOL
    So…. are you hooking up the PS2 in the bedroom so I stop hoggin your game everytime you get up to use the bathroom?

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