Thursday Thirteen: Why do I love my wife?

Nyx & Helios

This is another photo of Nyx and Helios.  Helios is the orange boy that Ju climbed up a tree in a howling windstorm, in the dark of night, to rescue.

So my thirteen follow.  I was prompted to elaborate on this topic.  Guess who did the prompting?

  1. I’ve already mentioned once that she has an incredible sense of responsibility.  I admire her drive and devotion to whatever she is in the process of doing at any given time.
  2. I love her intelligence.  We began our relationship in an exploration of ideas and I love that we can continue that exploration every day.
  3. She has an incredible wit. 
  4. She feels duty bound to entertain others.  Okay, sometimes this can be annoying, because it does not always reveal the depth and complexity of who she really is.  But most of the time I can endure the scatalogical humor that too many people find humorous.
  5. She is a poet.
  6. I love her romantic gestures (even the red sheets).
  7. She’s a good kisser.
  8. She’s a fun mommy to our little man.
  9. She is kind to animals and other strays (although she often pretends, through her sarcastic wit, to be otherwise, for the sake of those who need to be constantly entertained.)
  10. She loves, and is loyal to, her family.
  11. She constantly strives, through active listening, set goals and hard work, to be a better person.
  12. She is a seeker — a spiritual human being.
  13. She sings every day.

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~ by byrningbunny on January 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen: Why do I love my wife?”

  1. She sounds cool. She loves you by the way.

  2. Incredible wit for the win! My wife is similarly perfect, congratulations.

  3. She sounds very cool. My kinda girl and there aren’t that many. 🙂

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