I’m married and I’ve mentioned my wife, but I dislike how that word is perceived.  I am a woman.  My “wife” is a woman.  I have been troubled by the use of the word “wife”, so I’ve decided to begin using the word “wubby” to describe her.  We learned it from a friend of ours and it’s a contraction of the words “wife” and “hubby”.  I think that will work better for me and inform others that we are not a “straight” family. 

Technically, she is my husband.  When we were married (yes, we were married within hours of crossing the Canadian border), they only had forms that said, “husband” and “wife”.  Nothing that said, “spouse” and “spouse” or “partner” and “partner”.  Since so many Canadians use the word “partner” to describe their spouse, male, female or otherwise, I think that would be an appropriate term to use on the marriage forms. 

Yes, I have a husband.  Due to her sex/gender (don’t want to get into that discussion at the moment), I also have a wife.  Neither of which I ever dreamed I would have.  Not a big fan of state sanctioned marriage.  I am a fan of legal recognition of our relationship without having to spend thousands of dollars and hours with attorneys in order to ensure that recognition.  So.  From here on out, “wubby” will be used to describe my husband, wife and life-partner.


The Wubby teaching one of our foster kids to fly a kite.

2006 April 16 101

~ by byrningbunny on January 28, 2008.

One Response to “Semantics”

  1. Smiles…we are married to, and the JP said not husband or wife, but partners for life. It was very nice.

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