A Quiz and a Question

I was blog-hopping a minute ago and came upon this fun quiz while reading at Caffeinated Politics.  Go take the short quiz and find out who your ideal candidate is for the 2008 Election.  No surprises for me.  I knew I was torn between Clinton and Obama, and according to this quiz, they’ve tied according to my preferences.  If they would hire me as an advisor, I could still fix a few points of their ideology for them.  HA!

On another note, have you noticed how all the male candidates are called by their last names and Hillary is called by her first name?  Hmmm.  It’s so tempting to go into a feminist rant about the importance of naming and all the subtle, and not so subtle, effects that result from little things such as this.   But I won’t.  I’ve pointed it out.  What do you think?

~ by byrningbunny on February 6, 2008.

One Response to “A Quiz and a Question”

  1. I always thought it was because there was already a “Clinton” in politics and it was a way to differentiate betwenn her and her husband who has already been called by his last name forever.
    Not that anyone would be confused and think he was running again for president would they?

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