Photo Hunt: Heavy



This snow looks like it should be heavy on the picnic table, because it is so deep (she’s 5’8″). But in these temperatures (our thermometer says -38C today), this snow is powdery and light as air —DSC09339

— unless it’s been sitting on your roof and melting from the bottom up! It turns to ice as fast as it melts and that is HEAVY on your roof!


(It makes pretty icicles as it melts though.)


So to prevent the melted ice on the roof, we have to pull the snow down from the roof every once in a while so it doesn’t cave in on us!

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~ by byrningbunny on February 9, 2008.

21 Responses to “Photo Hunt: Heavy”

  1. Thats amazing. I live in the UK and we have not seen any snow (or real snow like this) in ages! 🙂

  2. Finally!! I’ve been waiting all day to see some HEAVY snow!! Thanks! Good pictures and post!!

  3. We tried that once this winter, because everybody in three counties was doing it and that alone made me nervous. Like I was in danger of imminent collapse. But you have to do it right after it snows (because of what you say above). So we forgot about it, and nothing happened. Now the snow out there is too deep to do any raking at all. I love this post; it shows and tells exactly what’s going on!

  4. Wow, you have much more snow than us. We just got a metal roof this summer, so the snow doesn’t stay long on it. We are having similar temperatures here right now, as you noticed on my photohunt about the donkey. Thanks for visiting.

  5. wow, and we had 19 inches of sunshine, smile

    lol, troublemaker!

  6. Oh dear, Bunny and I thought it was bad here ( NYC) when it snowed! Yikes! Happy PH.

  7. Wow, and I thought our 4 inches of snow was a pain. Ha ha ha! Great shots!

  8. Oh my gosh..lots of heavy snow. We WILL NEVER get those there. I dun mind clearing it for you..hehehehe

    Pearl – have a good weekend

    We always welcome a helping hand when it comes to shoveling snow!

  9. WOW… that is a lot of snow…. we have a snowfall warning again for tonight… I’m tired of the snow… up to 40 cm (16″)… great photos!!

  10. Wow,….. I remember those kinds of days growing up in Michigan. Great photo. Have a good weekend.

  11. OMG!!! did you say -38degrees?!??!?!?!?!?
    I would have ended up with thermal blanket(S) wrapped around me 24/7 in that weather.

    I’ve always envied people whom live in places with snow cause it’s 365 summer here in Singapore. But honestly speaking, -38degrees is kinda scary to me 😛

    You can get used to just about anything! lol Our family used to live in Singapore and they think it is the greatest place on earth!

  12. I am SO glad I don’t live in New England anymore when I see photos like this! Yeah Deep South! (Gandalf & Grayson’s Mom)

  13. So glad I live in California…did the snow thing when I was a kid in Alaska.

  14. That is heavy snow. I’m so glad I live where I do!

  15. Yup, we have a roof rake, too! Knock on wood, no need to use it lately!

  16. brrrr…. -38! used to get windchills like that back in Buffalo, but not actual temps like that! I have to say, I miss the snow some days, but don’t like shoveling it, especially when it’s dense and heavy. I don’t miss the cold temperatures AT ALL!

  17. Thank heavens I live in the banana belt region of Canada. That is a lot of snow and it looks heavy and it came in a heavy snowfall! But it’s also very beautiful.
    Thanks for the visit and have a good week since the weekend is almost over.

  18. Wow x millions. And Yuk. I wouldn’t want all that snow… I’m so glad that we have had very little snow this year, hardly any and right now we have green lawns with 3 minus degrees.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    I would never have thought you would have green lawns in Sweden at this time of year!

  19. Those are great shots and oh my, what a lot of snow. I know it’s a lot of work dealing with it. I hope you have a great week.

  20. I thought your “heavy” was me!


  21. Can’t believe it. Our “Heavy” is exactly about the same theme:
    Heavy Snow:

    OK – it’s gone a week – but a week ago, I did not know your blog.

    PS. Our “Snowy” pics are from 06. This year, next to nothing concerning snow close to the Oslofjord. But in the Mountains – Gosh—-

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