This Tropical Weather We’re Having

So yesterday, as we left the babysitter’s on our way to brunch, we were listening to the radio. Our little guy loves music and we love to watch him rocking out, so we encourage this behavior by always providing music. Anyway, the DJ was jabbering between songs, and he was exultant about a weather change and told everyone to go outside and enjoy the “balmy, TROPICAL weather we are currently enjoying”. Yikes! Tropical!! These Canadians have a very strange idea of what comprises tropical. FYI, yesterday, our weather was -22C and the sun was shining, which was a pleasant change from the -38C of the day before and the snowfall the previous night. lol

This picture was taken two years ago, in March, when we really were having balmy weather (it’s all relative) — as evidenced by the lack of snow on the branches.

Nyx enjoying the

This is what our current “Tropical weather” looks like: Balmy, tropical weather

Doesn’t that look TROPICAL?

~ by byrningbunny on February 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “This Tropical Weather We’re Having”

  1. That cat in the tree looks soooooooo like a lynx!! Beautiful photo.

    I have something for you on my Tuesday blog.

  2. What a difference!

  3. Incredible tropical. White sands, beach cabins and on top of that an excotic predator in the Tree. And Sunshine. What more to want?
    Around here, in Norway, it’s from 7C to -33C. Where we do live: around zero.

    TorAa: EXACTLY!! lol

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