Sky Watch Friday

sky watch friday


Thanks to Andre for pointing out this meme to me! It sounded like something I would enjoy, so here’s my first contribution and the directions for others who may be interested:

How to participate in Sky Watch:

  1. Post your sky picture on your blog. You do not have to use a picture with only the sky in it and the picture can be taken whenever and not just on Friday.
  2. Go to Strolling Through Georgia’s blog and sign in on Mr. Linky (new one each week).
  3. Enjoy the beautiful sky pictures of the other bloggers.

P1010014 Moon

~ by byrningbunny on February 22, 2008.

22 Responses to “Sky Watch Friday”

  1. A great Sky Watch picture.

  2. This is a nice and warming photo.
    I liked it.
    By the way, the photo on the header is just fabulous!

  3. Welkome to you om SWF.

    Beautiful and dreaming picture.
    Is it morning or evening….Marvelous.

    Love from Norway.

  4. Beautiful view. Love the moon through the trees.

  5. Gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE moon shots… !!:)

  6. Very nice picture. Must have been taken in late evening.

  7. Wonderful! 🙂

  8. very nice trees and color nice mood

  9. Lovely moonshot!

  10. Beautiful view. I like the perspective very much.

  11. Great shots!

  12. I love the colors and the contrast you captured in this photo!

  13. Gosh, this is a gorgeous view…

  14. Beautiful photo and beautiful coloure!!:)

  15. Welcome to Skywatch Friday! This is a Marvelous shot!!
    Great job!!

  16. Great colors

  17. bunny, don’t know why you had trouble posting to my blog. But I hope that over! Thanks for commenting! I love your Skywatch photo. It’s beautiful! My sky at the moment (I’m in the NorthEast) is just gray and overcast. We’ve had 6 or so inches of snow! Yuck! 😀

  18. lovely

  19. You’ve started out with a great shot! Welcome to sky watch – I look forward to seeing more of your sky shots.

  20. oh what an awesome idea…I’m gonna try it next week!

  21. Hi Bunny! what a gorgeous shot with the moon through the trees. It’s nice to see some green!! I’m glad you joined because I know you will have awesome photos like this all year. (I was selfish too: I want to see more of the west! ;0)

  22. this is an absolutely beautiful picture!! love the purples of the sky and the moon between the tree branches! stunning!!

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