Unexplained Absence

For the few of you that will have noticed, I haven’t been posting since I’ve been in the hospital since last Wednesday.  When I returned home yesterday, I found that my web page was missing!  WordPress.com support was gone for the weekend, and all attempts to go to FAQ or Forums to see if there had been a problem while I was away resulted in a 404 page warning.  Odd little things kept happening.  As I was trying to go to Forums, it insisted I log in.  As I logged in, I first received a 404 page, then it just suddenly jumped me to my dashboard comments!  But then I couldn’t navigate away from that page without getting the 404 message again.  This happened repeatedly in many differing combinations.  I was told by others that they couldn’t access my page. 

So, I’m a leetle skeptical that this message will make it to my blog, but I thought I’d better give it a go.  I’m here; I’m working on it as often as my son will let me! 

~ by byrningbunny on March 3, 2008.

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