Heads or Tails Tuesdays


TAILS – List 7 things from any category of your choice

My father is going in tomorrow morning to have triple-bypass surgery on his heart. Pop, as I call him, will be 77 this April, and has suffered for many years with emphysema. A new doc has discovered that he has many lesions and clogs in his heart and speculates that perhaps a simple check of his heart years earlier may have prevented all the years of medications and breathing difficulties. Who knows? At any rate, although one of the specialists initially suggested he was too weak to survive the surgery, my dad has decided to go through with it.

It is difficult to hear of these problems because I am so far away and have no way to quickly go be with my family. I must be an annoyance to my sister because I always want more, more, more information! As of today, Pop has three of his granddaughters, two of his great-granddaughters, his wife and one daughter hanging out in his room. They will be with him all day and fuss him endlessly, I’m sure. The poor nurses!

Bill 1948

Since I’m thinking of my Pop, here’s a list about him. I can’t do a list without a pic. That’s my Pop, 1948 as the photo says, in front of his “new” car. That’s a proud 17 year old!

  1. I’m the oldest daughter, and as a child, I adored my father (as a teenager, I grew out of it!!). When I was about four, I’d get up with him every morning before he went to work. He’d usually leave the house around 6 a.m. We’d sit at the kitchen table and have “coffee” together (mine was, of course, sugar and milk with a little color in it). I loved this time alone with him, in the early quiet of the day, and was devastated if I ever accidentally slept in!
  2. Because of the type of work my father did, there were times when he was home in the late afternoon/early evening. Back in the day, kids used to play outside after school (anybody remember those days?!) If my father happened to be home, our yard would fill up with kids and he would play red rover, red rover or red light, green light with all of us. Everyone loved him and my memories of him are of someone genuinely happy to make the kids happy.
  3. I’ve mentioned my rabbit, Doc, before. My father is such a typical, macho, brusque male, that it has always been so surprising to realize how compassionate he is. Watching him care for Doc so kindly and gently formed a lasting impression. He is still a sucker for all pets.
  4. As a kid, I used to watch, amazed, at my father’s easy ability to entertain kids and adults. He was always laughing, teasing and joking and making others laugh with him.
  5. He’s a good tipper! Why do I know and remember this? Well, it was a topic of conversation frequently, as he flirted with waitresses! And besides that, my brother and I used to try and walk out after my father and steal the tip! Oh, my. And, he caught us once. We never did it again.
  6. Before the twins were born, my pop would take us to out to breakfast at the bowling alley and to Kiddyland every Saturday. As I look back, I’m sure it was his effort to give my poor mom a break and let her sleep in. But at the time, we knew he just thought we were the greatest kids ever and he had no place more important in the world to be.
  7. He always wore work boots and he, and his truck, always smelled like caulking compound. I still like the smell and the boots because they remind me of my working father.

I know I can come up with many more memories because they are flooding in, but I need to stop it here.

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~ by byrningbunny on March 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Heads or Tails Tuesdays”

  1. First off let me say that I’m sending along hugs and prayers for your dad’s surgery!!! I hope your family members will keep you informed.

    Your dad has a James Dean look about him in the picture. What a treasure having that photo must be.

    The way you described him in your 7 things makes him sound like the kind of dad so many of wish we’d had! 🙂

  2. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I will also be thinking of you.

  3. I’m sorry I’m late, Bunny. But my prayers are with you, and I hope things went smoothly in surgery today. Bless you.

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