11 Responses to “A note of frustration —”

  1. I am having problems there too.
    I get some page that comes up with error on it.

    I have my post ready to go, send it, and then I cannot post period because of that darn page.

    It is so upsetting because you spend time at people’s blogs and you want to comment!

    It is a headache indeed.

  2. I’ve been experiencing the same problem too. I had to retype some comments that got lost.

    Now, I’m copying my comments before clicking the submit button so I can easily paste them and try again just in case blogger acts up.

    This is a great idea Rach. I finally figured it out a little while ago. Then yu have to type in your web page if you are a wordpress person and not a blogger person (hear the whine in my voice?) lol

  3. Me too. I’ve tried three times at one site with no luck. Copying the comments sounds like a good idea and then pasting them again.

  4. I have had the same problem (last night with the error message) with blogger and I blog on google/blogger. However, I don’t think it’s ongoing. I think every few weeks or so there will be issues and I wonder if the tech people are working on google/blogger. As far as some letting you leave comments when you don’t blog on blogger and others making you sign in, that is an individual setting. I set mine so anyone can comment. Others won’t let you. They may not even realize they haven’t set it up so everyone can comment because I’m not sure which is the default. I know I had to change mine once because for some reason, all of the sudden it wasn’t open to everyone. I realized that, went into the settings and selected, anyone can comment.

  5. yep, you’re not alone, i’ve been having problems with blogger the whole day too! it can get pretty frustrating! i hope it doesn’t ruin your weekend though

    Thanks Karen, smile I think I can make it through somehow! lol

  6. uh oh! I hope that didn’t happen on my blog? 😦

  7. wow I use Blogger and HAVE NOT had the problem! Could it be that it was just for a short time? or could it be the internet connection and NOT blogger! Wow that is frustrating indeed!

  8. I’ve had intermittent problems not just with Blogger but Google the past couple of days. All I can suggest is that you keep on trying because some other times within the same period, everything functions fine.

  9. I had a lot of trouble with the error codes this morning, and some pages are loading too slowly. Blogger would have a bad day on a Saturday!!!

  10. Thanks for the feedback from all of you. I’m thinking it must be the servers somewhere, because I’m actually being held up everywhere today. And since WordPress LOST my blog last week, I don’t have any problems believing that leaving a message might be a leeetle difficult! lol πŸ˜‰

    I appreciate the time all of you take to visit. THANK YOU!

  11. bunny, right now I can’t even get onto Blogger! I don’t know what’s going on…Been having trouble for a couple of days…I’m trying to get to visit people for Photo Hunt… Anywho things should clear up soon. Have a good weekend! (((hugs))) πŸ˜€

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