Photo Hunt: Different


Why is this different? Because that big, black blob in the bottom left, covered in snow, is a chocolate cake for the chickadee’s gourmet enjoyment! Dear Wubby made a cake, decided it was too heavy and then contributed it to our neighbors. The birds snacked on it all Winter and well into the Spring. Does that qualify as different?

2006 February 23 026

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~ by byrningbunny on March 7, 2008.

37 Responses to “Photo Hunt: Different”

  1. What a superb photo! Happy weekend

  2. I really do think that is different 🙂
    I love the photo you got of the bird!

  3. Haha! I guess this is a different kind of dessert for the bird too. 🙂

  4. Yes, that IS different! =)

  5. Great picture. We still have some Christmas Cakes hanging around. I am the only one who eats them because of food allergies. 39 degrees this weekend, so perhaps it will not be eaten today either.

  6. That’s very sweet and kind of you to share that cake with the birds. I didn’t know they actually like chocolate cake. Now I learned something new and interesting today. It’s cute that the snow someone made it look like icing on top of the cake. Thanks for this great post and lovely photos.

  7. that is too funny…..and different.
    happy weekend.

  8. Lol. Was it waste or just being generous? Really is different! Happy hunting!

  9. Great idea for the cake and it looks like it’s lasting well. Very different indeed. Have a good weekend and thanks for visiting.

    It would last for a very long time in the freaking cold temps we have up here.

  10. Oh My! Lucky birds! I love choco cakes…
    Great photo and Happy weekend!

  11. Chocolate cake for the birds to enjoy is definitely different from the normal range of fruits and grains 😛

  12. LOL, I would never have guessed that was cake! Great post! I’m sorry for your difficulty in posting, comments, etc. My blogger’s been acting up to and it’s TOTALLY frustrating!

  13. Ah so it was the bird! At first din really notice it. Perhaps this bird loves snow more than sand. =)

  14. i envy them birds hahahaha i’d gladly take the cake off of your hands the next time you bake an “imperfect” one =] lucky birds! great pic!

    and yeah- Blogger is goings bananas as of late!

  15. That most certainly does qualify as different! The cake would never last one day in our climate, though.

    Thanks for stopping by to comment on what is different on Pollywog Creek. Have a great weekend!

  16. I thought birds like worms or grasshoppers. A cake for a bird is something new and different to me.

  17. That is definitely different and I love the shot. Have a great weekend.

  18. that is different! even birds enjoy a treat sometimes!=)

  19. excellent post

  20. Hehe..Different ways of sharing the cake!!! Cool picture !


  21. What a lovely feast for the birds and a lovely photograph too 🙂

  22. What a lovely feast for the birds and a lovely photograph too 🙂

  23. Your birds get cake!! Yes thats very different the birds in our garden get some mouldy bread if they are lucky 🙂

  24. what a lucky bird! I never thought of doing that. I will now!

  25. what a lucky bird! I never thought of doing that. I will now!
    ps, I just had a problem leaving a comment on your site…mmmm

  26. So… was it a really big cake or do the chickadees just have small appetites? ;b

  27. That’s great – a truly creative and generous “Different”.

    I didn’t manage to drop in last week – sorry!

  28. Yes, that’s different!

  29. Hi guys. Just so y’all know, it’s so cold here that the temperature never went above zero while the birds were snacking on the cake. They were safe (other than the effects of white flour/white sugar!). It lasted many months and kept a whole flock of chickadees happy. We also had these very pretty little yellow birds that I have not seen since, and they enjoyed it very much. Once it began to warm up and melted out of the trees, the dogs cleaned up what little remained very fast!

  30. That’s fantastic, bunny! So generous to the birds! My PH post is up at my WordPress blog. Click on my name…

  31. That is very different! I bet they enjoyed it too.

    I’m having lots of problems with Blogger today too.

  32. Definitely different cool! 🙂
    View mine if you wish

  33. I think this qualify as different. I post mine late because the google giving me error this morning too. Anyway great entry for this week theme..Have a wonderful weekend too;)
    Life’s impression

  34. Yep… that’s different! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  35. What a meal, yes, very different from the usual things that they have 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  36. Very different.

  37. I would have to say- yes that definitley qualifies as different!

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