Meow Monday

I love my four legged friends. They have been friend, family and loving companions for so long that I think I will devote some time each week to sharing them with others. I can’t be selfish with the gifts they share with me! Two of my cats will be 19 this month. My Wubby has been telling herself since day one that animals don’t live as long as humans, so she could deal with this many cats. HA! The joke has been on her. These two are like the energizer bunny, they just keep on going. Overall, they’ve been remarkably healthy until earlier this year when Gina has surgery for breast cancer. The vet was kind and reassured Wubby that he’d added at least five more years to her life span (did you hear the loud groan?)

2006 Aug 14 P812000151My companions and I started out in a large, noisy city, full of traffic and other outdoor dangers, so moving to this cold, wide-open country has been as much of a revelation for them as it has been for me. Since they were indoor cats for so long, they aren’t really apt to spend any time outdoors. Two things get them outdoors — our daily exploratory walks and mice! Gina likes to look for mice and voles through the hole on top of the lawn mower. When we go on walks, they follow me much better than the dogs and are more apt to follow my commands. Go figure!

P1010083 When dusk hits here (in the summer that’s a prolonged couple of hours around 11pm) they want to be out in the lilac bushes and high grasses chasing mice and voles. I love the work ethic, but I’m not too keen on them being out with the coyotes and other creatures, large and small, that would like to snack on them. So we usually have an argument about when it’s time to come in. I always win, because I won’t leave them alone outside! And I’m bigger than they are. AND, I have the bag of kitty treats to bribe them with! As a last resort, I have Wubby.

P1010027 I’ve mentioned before that Gina and Angel are the last two cats of the litter that was born in my lap. They are individuals with strong and definite personalities. One of their favorite activities is to wait until we are all snug in bed and almost asleep and then start dragging laundry. Just so you are aware, we don’t leave this laundry lying around for them to drag. Primarily because they are so NOISY when they do it (and really, we do wash our laundry and put it away like normal people.) If it was just a fun work out, I’d be sure and leave things for them to drag. But they yowl like they’ve just brought home the largest kill available and everyone needs to wake up now and eat while the eating is good! This can get annoying. So we put everything away. We hide our clothes, socks, even shoes. As you can see by this picture of Angel, dragging slippers outside is also part of the activity. But look at her face! She is so sweet, how could you deny her?

2006 Aug 14 P812000153 They’ve been known to steal Levis and drag them up and down steps. Can you imagine what it sounds like to hear a pair of levis dragged down old, wooden farm house steps, one step at a time, when you are just on the verge of sleep. Seen any old horror films lately?

So these are my old ladies. The pics are of us out exploring the farm; listening to every rustle in the grass. Everything here is new to us city gals, so everything is worth investigating!

~ by byrningbunny on March 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Meow Monday”

  1. I had to laugh a bit when you mentioned the daily walks. Our cats also follow us around and it’s a sight to see 5 or 6 of them strung out playing follow the leader. At night we don’t have them dragging stuff around while we sleep. Ours will head up to bed just before we retire and it’s a fight getting under the covers. Once we do manage to settle in the cats make sure we sat in place by pinning us down. It’s tough to toss and tunr with a couple on each side and one or two perched directly on top.

    And whoever said cats don’t come when called never met ours. Pookey the dog should take lessons from them besides lap sitting. A 96 lb dog is not really lap friendly.

  2. It’s apparent that they love you as well. What a nice open area they have to romp around in!

  3. Your cats are amazing. They have certainly lived for a long while and seem to enjoy being outside some!

    I was surprised that I wasn’t as liberal as I expected, although the comments about the 68% rate made me feel better.

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