Skywatch Friday

sky watch friday

Tora’s Daily Run

2007 June 26-27 026

Tom at Wiggers World is hosting Sky Watch these days. Thanks to Dot at Strolling Through Georgia for beginning Sky Watch. To view other participants, click here.

~ by byrningbunny on March 20, 2008.

18 Responses to “Skywatch Friday”

  1. He seems to be enjoying his walk in that beautiful outdoor field!
    Nice ocean of clouds 🙂

  2. Each and every time I see your photos it seems to me I’ve been taken to fairy land … this is a magical landscape.

  3. Fun for everyone with such a sky and open place.

  4. The contrasts are striking.

    Have a nice holiday weekend.

    Abraham Lincoln

  5. beautiful composition, the green nature, the blue sky and the dog, excellent.

  6. Great swf picture !
    Happy Easter.

  7. That pup has a beautiful life and a friend with a great eye!

  8. What beautiful white puffy clouds in the blue sky! A nice day for the doggie to enjoy running!

  9. He does seem to be having fun running. I imagine he’s got a lot of space to do just that! Very nice photo.

  10. This image has a very warm and carefree quality to it. I think I remember sunshine… *g* thanks for sharing.

  11. Tora seems more than happy to be featured here in Sky Watch… I would have liked to have walked there with him… The brightness of the colours is very good.. the picture reminds me of one of Windows XP Desktop BackGrounds… only much much better.

    Thank you for linking back to Sky Watch

  12. wonderful dog .. amazing photo

  13. I bet Tora’s hard to catch once he starts out on his run!

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Of course, I AM absolutely dog-crazy 😉

    One of my favorites for sure!

    Happy Easter.

  15. This is great! It would be a very good photo without the dog, but with the dog……..well, I too am dog crazy!

  16. This is a great picture. I love the blue sky against all that green. And the dog is a nice touch. Great picture

  17. That’s a lovely shot. Looks like your dog is having a grand time.

  18. I love the horizontal yet different color lines in this photo. Now I KNOW this can’t be this past week! LOL. Tora is a beauty.

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