Green Thumb Sunday


2007 June 16am bike ride with dogs 0232007 June 16am bike ride with dogs 018

Last Sunday, I made a reference to the Provincial Flower of Alberta being the Dandelion. Well, I’m not familiar with the whole Province of Alberta, but I do know our little part of paradise here. The dandelion is so colorfully prevalent it should definitely be recognized as the official flower, as it clearly heralds the coming of Spring for us!

It’s also a little windy in these here parts, as you may be able to tell from the bottom photos.

These are some examples taken from May and June of last year:

2007 June 16am bike ride with dogs 016

2007 June 16am bike ride with dogs 017

Green Thumb Sunday and Participants

~ by byrningbunny on March 22, 2008.

6 Responses to “Green Thumb Sunday”

  1. Dandialions are a nice and colorful weed. But you do know its the Wildrose that is Alberta’s flower, they themselves are beautiful.

  2. I love dandelions and I’m always thrilled when I see their sweet little heads popping up on the lawn.

    great photos!

  3. You are never going to have the right time if the wind keeps blowing off the seeds

  4. Beautiful shots. I enjoy dandelions and have fond memories as a child when we would blow the seeds. Not that they needed our help but it was fun to blow on them and see them caught by the wind.

  5. I’ve spent the spring digging these out of my garden! They look better in your photos than they do when I’m pulling them!
    Happy GTS,

  6. I LOVE that tall picture in the middle…spectacular!

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