Heads or Tails Tuesdays: Place in the House


This theme is HEADS — any part of (or place in) a house, so I immediately thought of a little cubby we have upstairs in our new house. Our “new” house is an old farmhouse and it has a steeply pitched roof. Upstairs, next to the bedrooms, we have these little nooks on one side and a long crawl-space on the other side.

When we first purchased this place, we were very fortunate to have Sierra, our foster daughter, still with us. She was five, about to enter kindergarten, a mile-a-minute talker and a drama queen to boot. We indulged the drama queen as much as we could by providing dress up clothes appropriate to the queen title. She wore the tiara as well as she wore the title! She was so much fun and we loved having her in our home.

Back to the nook — we painted before we moved in (have I mentioned that our house is OLD?) Sierra “helped” us paint every chance she could. As we often had the baby with us while while attempting this painting, there were moments when her “helping” ended up being unsupervised.

DSC02880In one of these brief unsupervised moments, Sierra painted the “dogs” room. We didn’t know we HAD a dog’s room, but she had made the decision that the dogs needed their own place in the house, separate from cats and kids, so she designated this little cubby as theirs and went busily about making it cozy. While we were next door painting the baby’s room, she creeped over here and began her work! This is a picture of our girl doing the deed. She was so very proud of her idea, and we were very proud of her.

Below is our son demonstrating the charms of the dogs room. His little tool bench fits in there with his trucks and other fun things. Sierra was right, it is also a good place to put the dog’s crates (it’s probably larger than it seems in these pictures), but the dogs have yet to claim it as theirs; they’d rather sleep with us. The cats don’t even like it! I thought sure they’d use it to escape little fingers.

DSC02381Speaking of little fingers, observe the little fingers demonstrating how we can open and close the door. As you can see, the diamond cut in the door is open for little hands and cats.

The crowning touch on this little room and it’s paint job is the artist’s signature. We have vowed to not paint over this, so even though Sierra has moved on to happier times with her family (we fervently pray), this little cubby with it’s childish paint job and charming signature will always provide a reminder of the joy she briefly brought to our family.


The Heads or Tails Tuesdays site has instructions, code and participant information.

~ by byrningbunny on March 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “Heads or Tails Tuesdays: Place in the House”

  1. OMGoodnesss….that is so precious….adorable!!!

    HoT day…have a great one. Hope you can find time to drop by and visit me too.

  2. Kids just love to help! What a neat list a precious memories!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I would have LOVED a spot like this when I was younger. So cool!!!!

  4. What a wonderful post! Such a sweet memory.

    You can find my heads or tails: ::here::

    Have a great day!

  5. I hope Sierra is as loved in her new home as she obviously was in yours.

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