Meow Monday: Sadie

2 canada-beaver

Oops! That’s not a cat, is it? That’s a shout out to Miranda — showing my loyalties! Here’s my boy, Sadie. We thought he was a very pretty lady when we found him. He was such a tiny, little bitty, fluff ball and so adorable that we were sure he was a girl. His little sister, Buddy, was a gorgeous gray tabby and we assumed, of course, that she was a boy. We got both of their names wrong in the gender sense, but in reality the names have stood the test of time.


The pictures are obviously very old, and you can tell the cats have chewed them. (Anybody else have a hard time keeping cats out of their pics?)


As Sadie grew, he was always larger than everyone else, and he had huge paws! So he has been our peace-keeper, over the years. If anybody, dogs, cats or humans, messed with Sadie, he’d thwap you with his huge paw. He’s never had to extend his claws, as far as I know. If you get thumped by Sadie, you know it!


Sadie is six months younger than Angel and Gina; I think I’m eventually going to have to start saying they are 19, not 18 years old. His sister, Buddy, died soon after we arrived in Canada. He and I have had a difficult time adjusting to her loss. Eventually, the kittens, Helios and Nyx, arrived on our doorstep, and now Sadie has an occasional companion again, and they get together to do boy stuff — like showing off and letting themselves be admired.


Here they are, modeling. This pic may help put his size in perspective. He recently had to go to the doc for a surgical procedure (he’s fine) and the nurses were in awe at his size. He’s a big, heavy boy, but he’s a huge chicken and if you scare him, he still leaps straight up into the air! It’s hilarious for us considering his size, but maybe not so much fun for him. He still snuggles every chance he gets (the baby annoys him), is very shy and is looking forward to Spring, so he can sit in the shadows and wait for unsuspecting mice and voles.


Or snooze, as the case may be.


~ by byrningbunny on March 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Meow Monday: Sadie”

  1. He was SOOOO cute!
    Too bad we don’t have any pics of him the summer he was shaved. It makes me smile just to think of his huge noggin!

  2. Um Hi,

    We are “The 6 Cats of Inverness” and new here.
    We love love love your blog.



  3. oh, dear – i do miss my cats. we need more.

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