Photo Hunt: High


Here’s my kitten, Nyx, showing off her sore belly, after she was spayed. What does this have to do with high? Well, I’m sure she was high when the medication wore off! She even kind of looks like it, in this picture. But, no, that’s not the whole story.

November 23 2005 Nix showing her sore belly after her spay

These pictures were taken November 23, so Nyx had been living with us about two months. She was still a kitten and not as worried about her incision as I was. As I was going about my day, in and out of the house while cleaning and puttering, I noticed that Nyx was not around. So, I went on a hunt for her (the camera goes with me pretty much everywhere).

November 23 2005 Nix is stuck up in the tree

This very tall tree is outside near to the burn barrel, always a favorite hang-out for the pets — I’m sure because we get so many nocturnal visitors. As I was investigating over here (with a trail of pets behind me!), I heard a mysterious crying from an unidentified source. I looked over and under everything in sight, but couldn’t locate the distressed mewing cries.

November 23 2005 That dark spot in the middle is Nix, swayin

I FINALLY thought to look up, and high, high, above me was this dark blob in the tree (I’m sorry I don’t have a program to put an arrow on here for you. She is almost centered). Nyx had gotten herself stuck!

November 23 2005 This is the tree NIx is in.  The van was my

She was so high in the tree, that I couldn’t balance the ladder myself. You can barely see the ladder by the water tank. So I tried the top of the van. The tree extends high above the top of this shot of the van, so that didn’t work. Eventually, I called Wubby, and she hurried home from work (we live out in the country, so this isn’t a simple task) to help me.

November 23 2005 There's little Nix, an unhappy kitten cryin

Eventually we got that dark blob you see in the middle of this picture down. She was safe and hadn’t torn her incision, nor had she cured herself of climbing in high places! This has not been the only rescue, only the most involved!

Can anyone tell me what kind of tree that is? It gets the prettiest caterpillars — yellow with a black stripe. Eventually our water puddles fill with very pretty white moths, with blue under-wings. It’s possible that may be what led Nyx up this tree in the first place.

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~ by byrningbunny on March 28, 2008.

8 Responses to “Photo Hunt: High”

  1. Lol… NYX… years ago, when I had one of my kitties spayed, I later found her sleeping in the litter box…

  2. Ho My God! Is this Cat comfortable! Nice Catch!

  3. Spay/Neuter…A Good Thing!

    Nyx is a pretty girl!!!

    ~ Noah

  4. How on earth did she get all the way up there? Cats are strange creatures! I’m glad she was OK after her escapade.

  5. excellent photos, excellent entry for the theme

  6. Wow! I love your picture, just keep it up and enjoy!!!

    check mine also:

    Happy Weekend guys!!!

  7. what a story! the first picture reminds me of one i thought about posting (but didn’t!) – of me, after a c-section; i was definitely high on morphine! 🙂

    happy photo hunting! thanks for stopping by!

  8. Not only cool pictures but a great story to go along with it! I’m glad kitty was ok.

    I know what you mean about her being high in the other sense. I remember bringing dogs home from having that done and their tongues were all hanging out of their mouths. LOL

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