Unconscious Mutterings #270

  1. Nutritious :: and Delicious!
  2. Graduate :: Dream
  3. Tonight! :: Johnny Carson
  4. Located :: Recovered
  5. Weapon :: Bush/Cheney
  6. Jumper :: Smoke
  7. Collectibles :: Breakable
  8. Dennis :: the Menace
  9. Hostile :: Intentions
  10. Vivid :: Colors

~ by byrningbunny on April 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Unconscious Mutterings #270”

  1. #s four and five….super, SUPER answers. And I had to laugh at “Cheney” because of his hunting skills here in Texas!!!

    Happy Muttering!!!! Hope you can drop by for a visit. I would love to see you in my comments!!!

  2. That’s a nice nr. 4

    My mutterings can be found ::here::

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. As usual, your responses are thought-provoking. Located::recovered is so optimistic – I really like it! Weapon::Bush/Cheney and Hostile::intentions made me laugh. Vivid::colors was my favorite. I’ve been looking at decorating books (because I can’t afford to actually do anything, I’m living vicariously) and painting rooms in bright colors appeals to me right now – it would be a marked change, and I’m ready for that.

  4. LOVE that design….by frost? Good photo!

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