9pm Sunday Night

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Since I’ve moved to Canada, one of the most interesting changes for me has been the lighting. I remember, as a kid in elementary school, being fascinated by the way the Earth rotated around the Sun. As I’d spin the globe, I’d try and imagine what it was like to live in the other countries and have the “wrong” season. I also used to wonder if “they” got to see the Sun like we did. So, moving up here has been like having my own giant globe to experiment with. Except I’m not in control. And I have to be patient. (Two things I definitely take objection to!)

Andree was interested that we were reading by natural light at 9pm during Earth Hour. So I went out last night and took a few pics between 9 and 9:15pm. My mother has mentioned that it looks like I color my pictures blue, but this is exactly how the camera captures the quality of light we are seeing. It is actually lighter than it appears.


This is looking in the West/North West direction


This is facing East/North East and it is in the shadow of our home.


Facing North/North West again, but in the shadow of the spruce trees, quonset and shed. There is clearly enough light to show the reflections in the water.


There are actually three dogs in this picture, but two of them are black!


This is facing South to our front door. This is not taken with any special twilight settings. It looks much darker in this shot than it actually is.

I’m sure there are places I could locate online that would calculate how many hours of daylight we gain or lose as the seasons change. Since my little guy will only be asleep for a short nap, I’m not going to take the time to look right now.

We have been amazed at how quickly the days grow lighter or darker. During the winter, the sun hangs down on the Southern horizon and we follow it from the South East in the morning (9am) to the South West in the evening (4pm). During the summer, we literally follow it in a circle overhead as it rises in the far North/North East (4am) and sets in the far North/North West (11pm — times are approximations). After it dips below the Northern horizon, we can (and have) follow the bright twilight as it works it’s way from West to East.

On the 21st of June, to see stars in the sky, you have to look straight up, and you can see a couple if you are lucky, but in general, it is too light to see the stars. It is so different from growing up where there is a twelve hour difference between light and dark, and it’s fascinating to me.

~ by byrningbunny on April 7, 2008.

7 Responses to “9pm Sunday Night”

  1. Thats a big ol pile of snow in front of your front door. Don’t you have a spouse to keep that cleaned off?

  2. Hi Bunny! this is fascinating. I realize now I was wondering whether you lived on the western edge of a time zone. I know that Michigan is on the western edge of my eastern time zone, so they seem to have an hour more daylight. But their mornings begin MUCh later than ours.

    So now latitude: I scoured your site and your about page to see where in your province you live so i could find the latitude, but couldn’t find it! I am at the 45th parallel. If you are further north, then yes, you will have more daylight.

    I hope you tell me the nearest big city (no need to tell me where you live! ;0)

    I envy you the daylight because of photography opportunities. But there are so may variables to this. You either have less than we do in the midwinter or you don’t!

    Gee this gets complicated. But thank you, I love it!

  3. You must love it there. It looks like a dream come true setting for me!

  4. Those are beautiful shots. It is interesting to me too how the amount of light changes so quickly. Where I live we have day light savings time which adds to that and I find it disorienting. I don’t like changing the clocks. I like all of the shots you took and the one of the door with the snow on the porch is very appealing to me.

  5. I am with you when you said “moving up here has been like having my own giant globe to experiment with. Except I’m not in control”. I used to lived in a tropical climate country and now I am living in UK. A drastic change, but it is good to experience this.

  6. Hope to visit canada soon!!! thanks for dropping by,

  7. Beautiful views of cold weather!


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