Green Thumb Sunday



This is our ugly quonset hut, as of yesterday. It was built right in the middle of the front yard, which is bewildering to me. There must have been a good farming reason for it, I’m sure. I’m standing to the South East, looking North West, as I took the pic of it. I’ve been trying to think of plants that will grow quickly up the sides to beautify it a bit. Our temperatures don’t often get above the 80’s F/ 20’s C for any prolonged periods, so I’m not too worried about the heat of the metal. I think a nice bougainvillea would look perfect climbing over the top, don’t you? Ha! I wish. I also think the Jackmanii I’ve always wanted will look very nice there. I’ve had others suggest hops, but I’ve never actually seen what it looks like in the flesh(?).

We have a box of assorted bulbs in the fridge that we are anxious to get in the ground over here. Then we can look forward to them poking through the mud next May. We also purchased some peony’s this weekend, while we were in town. Surprisingly, they had very little snow on the ground down there (an hour’s drive South of us). We still have a couple of feet, but it’s warming up nicely, so hopefully it will be gone soon and we can dig in. In the meantime, I’m having fun using my Christmas present, a new landscape planning tool, and deciding what will look best where.

We haven’t begun any seedlings this year, mostly because we are still attempting to fit ourselves and our junk into this smaller space (referring to the indoors, obviously not the outdoors.) Hopefully, by next winter, we will have a cat-free space where our seedlings will be free to mature unmolested by bored paws and teeth!

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~ by byrningbunny on April 11, 2008.

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