Not Managing Change Effectively

I was finally able to post about ten minutes ago. The badge at the top was dropped for some reason, but considering how often I’ve attempted to get that post up here since last Sunday, the fact that it posted at all is a miracle.

I use Windows Live Writer because it will let me edit, size and sign my photos. I can also make sure my fonts are large enough to read and my paragraphs don’t scrunch all together. WordPress does not give me that option. I’ve been reading in the forums this past week, trying to find a solution to my problem of not being able to post, but only two people made an attempt to answer in the forums, thanks to Jim 2.0 and Finding Light in the Darkness. My problem in the forums is knowing the correct questions to ask and the right key words to get the people who can actually help me. I did get an email from WordPress, but that was not helpful at all:

I think someone else was having a similar problem
and had to reconfigure the site details in WLW.
It may be something to do with our new dashboard updates.

Ya think?! That was the full extent of the email. BTW, I checked all the details in both WLW and WP before I ever sent the email. That’s a little like making sure the computer is plugged in, right?

In the forums, there were some very active volunteers attempting to help all the panicked bloggers. Accolades to them for their patience and willingness to share their knowledge with us. I appreciate it.

Overall, the changes WordPress have made wouldn’t be an issue for me, if they had not interrupted the flow of operations. But they did. I usually view change as an opportunity for growth and learning, but I do think there are good ways and bad ways to manage change. To just make the changes without warning would fall under “bad”, in my view. To make changes and not provide any clues, guidelines or instructions, also falls under the “bad” classification, again, just my opinion.

A visit to the WordPress forums may give a hint that others feel this way as well. Since WordPress has a News section, I’m wondering why joe user was not given advance notice that there would be changes upcoming. Why weren’t we given suggestions about how to prepare? If there were settings that may need to be altered, why weren’t they given in advance? If any advance notification had taken place and people were prepared, WordPress might be getting many more congratulations and accolades for their forward-thinking and proactive initiative in updating the user interface. I’m thinking that bloggers in general are not a group that is afraid of change. They are using fairly new technology and go out of their way to become conversant with the tools necessary to blog. So why were they not considered in the process?

~ by byrningbunny on April 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Not Managing Change Effectively”

  1. I’ve been able to post text from WLW without any problems, but the only problem that I have is with images. I’ve had this problem since the beta release of WLW with

    You can upload an image using WLW, but when you edit the post (using the WP Admin edit link or WLW), the image will turn into just the alt text and the src attribute will be deleted. However, the nice work around now is that WP introduced the [gallery] tag, so you can just put that into WLW instead of embedding images and then it will work without have to fix the img tags.

  2. I haven’t had a chance to really look at the new WordPress system. I just came in from vacation-logged on and wondered if I had gotten lost or something.

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