Photo Friday: Fragile

Photo Friday badge created by nickciske

With the temperatures above zero during the days now, we’ve been keeping an eye on the pets. They’ve been wont to run right over the top of the dugout (pond) all winter when patrolling or investigating. Now that so many noisy birds are back in the trees to the North of the dugout, the pets are over there constantly. The magpies especially have been teasing the dogs incessantly, so we’ve worried that they may forget the ice is not solid anymore and pursue them across the top of the dugout!


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~ by byrningbunny on April 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “Photo Friday: Fragile”

  1. Hello and welcome to Sky Watch…
    This is a stunner of a view. Perfect for Sky Watch as well.

    I have had a quick look over you blog and would like you to know how nice I think it is.. many of your pictures would been right for Sky Watch…
    I hope you get a few more calling by today and saying hello

    Have a great week

  2. Very nice photo!

  3. This is a fantastic photo with amazing colours.
    I think it’s a first class masterpiece.
    Very well done.

  4. Brrrrr… It’s still cold up there. Nice sky. It looks kinda like there’s a big hole in the sky. Watch out for alien space ships coming through the open portal!

  5. The sky is always so beautiful and dramatic before a storm. Looks like it says: Watch out! and after a storm eveything is so quite!
    Your photo is great!

    Petunia’s SWF

  6. Wonderful photo!

  7. […] from the varied precipitation, because it shows our overflowing dugout. Compare this picture to this and this (first and third pix on the second link) to see just how much water has resulted from the […]

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