Three Beautiful Things

My little man is napping, so I’ve a few minutes to enjoy other blogs and catch up from all my down time the last couple of weeks.  I’ve just been to the Desert Diva’s site to catch up with her Photo Hunter and Friday Fill-Ins, when I noticed Three Beautiful Things.  I love this idea, so I followed her link to the Three Beautiful Things site. 

I’ve loved this concept for so long now — back when I used to teach it in church (tells you how long ago that was!) and then again when Oprah started her gratitude journal and we got the book and journal for Wubby.  So maybe now the time is at hand for me and I will be able to do it daily (internet provider willing!)

It’s still early in the day and I can easily find three beautiful things that have given me pleasure!

  1. My precious little man’s snuggles.  He has decided he likes to snuggle (this was one of his struggles to overcome, due to his early life experiences, and a great sadness for us when we were unable to provide the type of comfort he needed).  When he comes over, plops his butt down, and nestles right in to me, I feel my heart fill to bursting.  We have come so far!  He has no idea and typically will let me know when he’s had too many kisses to go with the snuggles.  Tickles are okay, though.

  2. Our new little puppy.  He’s so tiny, and we thinks he’s about three months already, but he still sleeps like a puppy.  Holding him while he sleeps and makes his little puppy noises is kind of helping me to accept that my little man is now wearing size 3 clothes, has monstrous feet,  and doesn’t look like a baby anymore.  The puppy’s name is Shiloh.  We’ve tried to give him the name Chubaca (his face looks just like a Wooky) but it won’t stick.  I’m kind of glad because puppy’s who are called Chewy are just trouble in the naming.  We’ve already had too many couches destroyed by chewing pets!

  3. Something to look forward too.  We are going out to enjoy today’s predicted warm weather (not here yet!)  It will be so nice to get out of the house to explore, listen to music, and air out my brain cells after our long winter.  Watching the gulleys turn into streams gushing water from the snow melting will be beautiful.

I love doing this.  Once you start, you can easily keep thinking of more.  I hope it will always be this easy to think of more.

~ by byrningbunny on April 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. I like the concept. On a message board that I post on a woman started a thread entitled Sharing the Joy which is similar to this.

  2. What beautiful things. We had a pretty day here today, too. I loved to snuggle with my little boy when he was little. I still do, and he’s 11. I’m off to follow the links in your post.

  3. It’s great to pause and reflect on the wonderful things in life that bring us happiness. Thank you for sharing reasons behind your joy.

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