Camera Critters


Misty has started a new meme called Camera Critters on Sunday. Yay! Click on the badge above or visit her at Misty’s Words or Misty’s Musings for information on how to join and where to view other participants.

I’d like to introduce you to Shiloh. He’s our newest family member and he’s still trying to find his niche in our pack. We first met him as he flopped, belly up, in the snow, begging for love. We brought Shiloh home after hearing a story of “the cycle of life”, which also included “coyotes” and “our cats just never came home!” (Can you say “SUCKERS”?)

This little guy appears to be a mutt cross, which includes Scottish Terrier and miniature something else. His face looks just like a Wooky and if he’d ever hold still long enough to take his picture, I’d show it to you!

Here is Shiloh hoping to play with Tora and Zuva!


Here is Shiloh enthusiastically inviting Nyx to play! Hmm.


Here is Shiloh trying to keep up with the fun (there are puddles just ahead).


Shiloh is trying to follow Zuva over the snow. He didn’t get very far!


We let Shiloh “run” with the big dogs for a minute, after we left the wetlands (the birds have not arrived yet.)


And this is Shiloh coaxing Nyx and Helios to play. Our three feline oldsters, Sadie, Gina and Angel, won’t let Shiloh near enough to get any pictures. I’m sure he’ll charm them eventually, but for now he’s still a little too enthusiastic.


~ by byrningbunny on April 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “Camera Critters”

  1. Oh my gosh – you totally won me over with this post! May I PLEASE come play with Shiloh??? I wanna play with him and no one else in your photos seem very willing hehehehe What an absolute cutie! I cracked up in the photo where your cats are bigger than the puppy! I really, really enjoyed this post! Thank you SO much for joining Camera-Critters!!! I absolutely loved this and can’t wait to see more of your critter photos each week.

  2. He surely is an enthusiastic little guy. 🙂 Sweet!

  3. Oh, my, how precious! 🙂

  4. I have a soft spot for dogs of any kind (well, salon styled French Poodles make me cringe). It’s really cool to see the canine additions to other families.

  5. Bunny, I’m so sorry I missed your CC on CC night. I thought I caught everybody. I totally love the photo of Shiloh with the cats. They are three times his size, but he isn’t intimidated. He’s so full of happiness! You made a great choice with this pup. I love where you live. Next life? I go there, too.

  6. […] Tora, although short-haired and a couch-potato, nags me (vocally and physically) to go for a run.  Zuva, who has annoyingly long, thick and constantly shedding hair, runs like the wind and is always […]

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