Three Beautiful Things

  1. We just returned from a wonderful concert. The musicians and vocalists were from South Africa and sang a mix of traditional and modern songs. This is a triple blessing for us! First that our tiny little community hosted something of this nature, second the joyful music and third, the connection to Africa. My Wubby is from Zimbabwe and her parents currently reside in South Africa, so this was an emotional homecoming of sorts for her, and an opportunity to share some of her heritage with our little man.
  2. Our little man accompanied us to this concert tonight. He is a music lover (P!nk is his favorite artist) and thoroughly enjoyed the music, dancing and entertainment. He was enthralled with the drummers and the brightly costumed performers. He loved clapping and swaying to the music. He wanted to get down and dance, but it was too crowded to allow him that freedom. He sang and drummed all the way home, just for us!
  3. The old lady sitting on my lap. It’s difficult to type around fat cats, but it sure is nice to be loved by them!

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~ by byrningbunny on April 13, 2008.

One Response to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. It sounds like a lovely and lively event.

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