Green Thumb Sunday


We still have snow on the ground, but we’ve recently had daytime temperatures above zero! That means the plowed areas have now melted and we have huge puddles for puppies and toddlers to play in. They are having so much fun romping and splashing and their joy is infectious, but I have to say that it is a pain cleaning up after them!

Watching where the snow melts first is a good lesson for us in our new yard. We are taking note of elevations and drainage, even as we absorb just how much work is ahead of us. There are now enough cleared areas that we could begin to rake up the remnants of last Fall; unfortunately, our quonset faces due North and is blocked from the Western sun as well. The road crew that used our yard this winter plowed huge piles of snow in front of the quonset and it is now a solid block of ice. So no gardening tools!

The little man loves to help me in the yard and he thinks it’s a blast when we take the ice breaker out there and pound away at the ice. He drags the snow shovel with him everywhere and tells me when we’ve chipped enough away to use the shovel. He’s very good at giving orders for someone who doesn’t speak yet! (He must take after his other mama that way. At this point, I think his career choices include high-falutin executive or drummer. We’ll see.)


I been looking through the pictures I’ve taken of the quonset and my little helper and I realized I’ve not taken any of the huge pile of ice to the right. The quonset doors pull on top rails, to the right and left, they don’t swing forward, so you need clearance to open them.

Do I seem obsessed with this quonset? Can’t help it. You can’t get away from it. It is in every view, from any direction! So I am obsessed with making it pleasant to look at. Cleaning around it is already a trial, as it was used as a machine shop before and there are little metallic pieces of stuff everywhere. I’m sure they would be useful to someone, but I sure don’t know what to do with all of it! And I definitely don’t want my little man putting it in his mouth, which is where most everything goes, at least once.

2007 May 9&10P510005757 (2)

I’ve included this picture of Zuva out on a run last year — May 9th! We still have quite a ways to go before we will be actually be doing any gardening in this part of the world.

2007 May 27 078

By May 27th last year, we finally had dandelions! They are prolific up here, as you can see. By Memorial Weekend the trees were in bloom in our yard and we were seeing some of our bulbs. So we still have some time left before our gardening begins, and as of now, our reality includes another snow storm headed our way!

If you would enjoy participating in Green Thumb Sunday, please follow the links for information and to see other participants.

~ by byrningbunny on April 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Green Thumb Sunday”

  1. You must be way to still have so much snow, and also to still have a dusting of snow on the ground on May 9th! Seems odd–considering yesterday’s temperature here was 96 degrees F.
    Doing your garden planning now will pay off when you can finally execute those plans. Good luck and happy very belated GTS.

  2. I see I left out the word NORTH in the first sentance of my previous comment!

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