Venting a little frustration!

I frequently mention my little man.  I also allude to some of his medical problems.  Maybe we will choose to share those problems after his adoption goes through, and maybe we won’t.  Suffice it to say, he has had more than his fair share of stress in his short life.  For heaven’s sake, he lives with foster parents! 

What does that have to do with anything?  Well, I’ve about had it with people making snide remarks about my little guy using a soother.  SOOTHER!  A tool for SOOTHING!  Others may call them “dummies” or “binkies” or whatever cute or demeaning name they can come up with, but in our home it is referred to as a SOOTHER!  There is a reason for that. 

So folks, when you see a baby, or toddler who is large for his age, using a SOOTHER, please don’t let your judgements  immediately run to lazy parenting, but use your common sense for a change and understand that there may actually be children in the world who NEED A SOOTHER! in stressful situations.  Stressful situations often include outings, large crowds or new people.  So your first meeting of a child is very likely to be with a soother in his mouth.  Get a clue and keep your nasty, demeaning judgements away from me and mine!  And if the harsh judgmental stuff is just too natural for you, keep your trap shut and let the rest of us move on in the assumption that you are a kind and caring human being!

~ by byrningbunny on April 14, 2008.

One Response to “Venting a little frustration!”

  1. Don’t blame you for the “rant.” I breastfed my babies on demand. Everything I read and was told was that if breastfed, babies don’t need pacifiers. But of course, I had one that did. She would want to latch on to me 24-7, which was impossible (like out in public) so the pacifier helped her. Not me, but her. She is 30 now and doing just fine. People really have to consider that they don’t know the whole story most of the time.

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