Heads or Tails: Tip or Something that Rhymes with Tip


I’ll choose tip today, and share a few!

Don’t go for a “boo and a look see” at the rising water levels in your dugout and fields, accompanied by pets and toddlers, without wearing your boots. You will ruin your shoes chasing wily, sneaky, crafty, too smart for their own good, toddlers out of the deepest bodies of water they can find! (This is one of the milder pictures to protect the reputation of the “plumber” on toddler chasing duty!)


Don’t expect your vehicles to stay clean when you live on dirt (gravel) roads (can you see Helios’ white tips?)


Exercise caution when toddlers are wielding dangerous weapons, such as snow shovels!


When attempting to photograph the white tipped foot of your puppy, expect that he will always turn the other way as the camera finally shoots the pic. I’ll leave you to guess which foot is tipped in white. Isn’t he adorable?


Even though your dogs have been chasing mice and voles from their flooded holes with wild abandon all morning, expect that when it is time to go home, Tora will be too fearful to leave the fields and wade into the deep, running water to get back to you on the other side!


And finally, rest assured that if you have the misfortune to own Windows Vista, and the wildly improbable good fortune to have an internet connection that is actually functioning, Windows Vista will begin indexing your computer, thereby rendering your keyboard and mouse useless!

There you have it. A few tips from our neck of the woods.

Heads or Tails is hosted each Tuesday by Barb at Skittles Place. For graphics, directions and participants, please visit her HoT site.

Below are this month’s prompts:
April 15 HEADS *OR* TAILS Tip *OR* Anything that rhymes with Tip
April 22 HEADS Direction
April 29 TAILS Share a special memory

~ by byrningbunny on April 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “Heads or Tails: Tip or Something that Rhymes with Tip”

  1. Great tips!!!

  2. You have my life! Sorta. No toddlers here (WHEW) but the roads, the flooding, the piles of leftover snow, the dogs! That puppy is great, the photos are great. Happy Spring, Bunny!

  3. That is one ADORABLE puppy! It looks so inquisitive! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. thanks for protecting my plumberness

  5. Hope you mind if I’m terribly late on my visit. These are great photos. I could see how small children love wading in the water. I just love that photo of the puppy. Such an adorable face that makes me want to cuddle the little one.

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