Three Beautiful Things

  1. Two of our cats like to think of themselves as outdoor cats.  Within five minutes of each other tonight, Nyx (the sister) and Helios (the brother) just scratched at the door to be let in, and each of them yelled their affront that we didn’t come out and rescue them from the gentle rainfall.  We laughed at them.

  2. There were two ducks on our dugout (pond) this morning when I took the dogs for a run.  I kept the dogs in the van so they wouldn’t see the ducks.  I love my dogs, but I don’t think they should be able to chase away the wildlife I so enjoy. 

  3. Last night I was up very late listening to a crying puppy (we are attempting to crate train him and it’s so hard.  I just want to rescue him from the crate, even though I know it’s really in his best interest to be crate trained.)  I thought the excessive crying may indicate he needed to go outside one more time, so out we went into the cold and blustery wind.  As I waited (in vain) for him “potty outside”, I glanced up and was rewarded by a very dark sky undulating with the  Northern Lights. 

Please visit the Three Beautiful Things website to participate.

~ by byrningbunny on April 16, 2008.

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