Green Thumb Sunday


We really thought that we’d be outdoors this weekend, cleaning up after all the snow finally melted. Since we moved in late in the month of October last year, we just barely had time to put away the lawn furniture (left behind by the previous owners), before we were hit with our first snow storm. And once it started, it just didn’t stop!

Watching the snow thaw so quickly last week had us mentally geared up for yard work. We can’t plant this early, but if the ground is thawed, we can prepare gardens and beds, rake and clean, prune and barbeque! Our little man loves to help, and he would have provided the snow shovel for whatever we desired!


Speaking of our little man, we also looked at a swing set this weekend, so we’ve been discussing where we would situate one so that it’s out of the wind and I can observe the area without always being right there. Guess what? The quonset may actually be our friend in this situation, because it does make a fine wind break!


How many of you have heard of “snow mold“? It was a completely new concept to me when I moved up here. I had always associated mold with warmth and humidity! Definitely not with snow and freezing temperatures. This is another project I had been planning to tackle this weekend. The light snowfall highlights the mold in this picture. This was the best I could do, as our poor camera is dying. Has anyone else had their electronics beat up by toddlers? He’s so funny when he grabs things, because as soon as he realizes that we see what he is doing, he throws it! As if we won’t remember that we just saw him playing with it. You kind of have to laugh while you are crying.

Sadly, none of our gardening plans will come to fruition this weekend. Our temperatures have taken a dramatic down turn, and they’ve been forecast to stay that way until the end of the month!

As a result of these cold temperatures, look what happened to our flooded dugout! That spot in the middle of the picture is snow on the lens. If you look closely, you can tell the wind is howling and the snow is coming down by the movement on the ice.


Oh well. We were given the gift of warmth and sunshine last week and a reminder this week that there is a reason we don’t plant until June 1st!

To participate in Green Thumb Sunday, please visit As the Garden Grows. Visiting other participants is encouraged!

~ by byrningbunny on April 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Green Thumb Sunday”

  1. I’ve never heard of snow mold either!

    I CAN see the snow blowing and it looks sooo cold. Brrr.

    I went out and started raking up the little bit of grass I claim as ours.. then put down some grass seed in the empty spots. (We’re apt. dwellers.)

  2. Snow melting? wow that must be nice….I have a couple pics up of my back yard, that was Sunday morn….and as of 9pm right now its still snowing….make it stop. lol

  3. wow, and i complain bitterly when it reaches 10deg Cel here! no more…brrrr.

  4. I have to find something besides winter to complain about now. It’s almost as if spring decided not to appear and summer had to take up the slack. Two weeks of temps in the 70s has really brought the area back to life. Now I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall. It’s been too nice and there’s still another month left of possible cold and snow.

    The photo of your little guy is great. He looks like a warrior off on a quest to battle the remaining snow.

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