Heads or Tails: Special Memory

Many, many years ago, there was a very special day in my life. We had a very tight-knit little group of eight, four guys and four girls, nobody dating each other. On the fourth of July, we all met up at 7am for a breakfast in the park activity. Many of our other friends were there, so after breakfast, our youthful exuberance took over and we started a huge water fight. I don’t know who conveniently had the water balloons, but we spent the greater part of the morning laughing and drenching everyone.

When we were all soaked to the skin, we left for the movie theater. We didn’t have time to head home and change clothes, (we did have time to chase each other around in our cars a bit though) so we froze our butts off in the theater because of the air conditioning. I can’t believe it, but I no longer remember the movie we saw! At the time it seemed like such a big deal. I’m pretty sure it was the opening day of a movie (one of the Star Trek/Rocky movies?)

After the movie, we girls had asked the boys out to dinner as a thank you for our friendship. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant on the pier and savored the salsa and chips while we waited for our meal. Again, we spent most of our time laughing and giggling, but interspersed it this time with deep thoughts and conversations and just generally having lots of fun. We had great seats and watched the sun sink slowly into the ocean. It seemed like a perfect ending to a perfect day, the glow of the laughter and friendship, the ambience of the restaurant on the edge of the water, and the gulls and boats in silhouette against the sun dipping into the sea.

As we left the restaurant, the guys suggested we walk down the gangway and look at the boats. We readily agreed and laughingly set on our way. The guys all stopped and started extolling the virtues of one of the boats we were looking at, so we all clumped there. Then, voila, the key was in hand, and we were all boarding the boat! This was their surprise thank you to us for our friendship and the fun summer we’d been enjoying.

We each had a turn driving the boat, and some were faster and more reckless than others, and then we headed past the waves crashing on the breakwater, to the deeper and calmer water. We were in a bay and could see land in a horse shoe shape around us. As we slowed the boat and moved with the gentle waves, the fireworks began all around us. We were far enough out on the water that we could see many of the different city celebrations, as well as the individual celebrations on the streets leading away from the beach.

There are many who will think it corny, but one of the guys began singing patriotic songs, and then we were all singing. We sang along with the fireworks and when we ran out of patriotic songs, we began with hymns we were all familiar with. Some of us had great singing voices and some didn’t, but I think we sounded like the angels that night.There are many kinds of love in this world, and I think we all felt secure and loved in a friendship where we could individually be corny, patriotic, religious, silly, intellectual or none of these things, and still feel we were okay.

This has long been one of my special memories. I remember this group of people, and this specific summer, because it was one of acceptance. Each new person we met was an opportunity for friendship. Their unique qualities always added to our group, and any challenges they brought, were tackled by us as a unit. Time has a way of sending us all in different directions, but I will always savor the memory of a happiness so strong, that even trying to brush the horrible frizzy tangles out my hair after the day long water fight and then hours on the sea, couldn’t diminish!

We are very lucky to have Heads or Tails Tuesdays hosted for us each week by Barb at Skittles Place. To join us, visit the Heads or Tails site, where you will find instructions, code and links to the other participants.

~ by byrningbunny on April 30, 2008.

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  1. How wonderfully written.

    Want to read about one of my memories:


    Have a great day!

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