Thursday Thirteen: Gross


  1. Seeing someone drive by in their car with their finger digging around up their nose!
  2. The few that then stick their fingers in their mouths literally make me gag. Those that think they are subtle and wipe it on the side of the car seat aren’t any better.
  3. Walking into a building through a cloud of smoke. As a teenager, I’d shower and put on my clean clothes and then run through the house to try and get out without smelling like smoke! As an adult, I’m not a smoker; I don’t like the smell of smoke; I don’t want to smell like smoke for the rest of the day.
  4. Kissing someone who has been smoking has always reminded me of what it must be like to stick my tongue in a dirty ash tray.
  5. Walking into the kitchen in the morning to find a sink full of dirty dishwater.
  6. Ditto for left over tub water, especially with wash cloths.
  7. Looking into a mirror that someone has been popping their zits on. If you have to do it, fine. But do you have to leave the evidence for the rest of us to find?
  8. Dirty toilet seats. How can you not know if you’ve left a little something behind on the seat?!! Puhleez!
  9. Glasses and bottles that have been left overnight with milk in them. That includes discovering bottles that have been “hidden!”
  10. Cleaning up the dog poop that has been hidden by snowfall and ice.
  11. Seeing someone on ear wax patrol. This is left over from elementary school. I used to have to stand in line next to a boy who never had clean ears. It became a sick fascination to see if he’d cleaned them or not, but it also made me gag!
  12. My little man’s constant drooling. I feel sorry for the childless people who come into contact with him!
  13. People who don’t close their mouth to chew.

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~ by byrningbunny on May 8, 2008.

9 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen: Gross”

  1. A great list of grossness

    Happy TT

  2. Yuck! Check out my TT…

  3. Oh god, I gotta say I HATED the theme for this week LOL! Blech! Those are all gross!

  4. Ewwww!!

  5. I’m with you all the way on #4! We got stuck in a line behind some smokers before a concert yesterday, and it was pretty awful just being near them 😦

  6. Ok so did I miss a memo or something? Yours was about the 5th one I saw that focused on gross things.

  7. Gross, but not TOO gross! Happy TT.

  8. Oh yes, those are all very gross!

  9. If only more than 86 people would hear this!

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