Photo Friday: Difficult Shot

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I giggled a little at the topic for this week. Lately it seems all my shots are difficult, but not because I’m calculating lighting, shutter speeds, and f-stops. My tribe goes everywhere I go, all day long, and convincing them not to jump on me, lick me, or scream like you are dying because mommy is not paying attention to you for ONE SECOND in the whole day, pretty much constitutes my “difficulties” when attempting to set up decent shots! I keep telling myself that there are more important things than the buffle head who appears to live alone on our pond or the baby beaver who seems to have adopted us. 🙂

Since our last camera was destroyed by our inquisitive toddler (20 months this week), we’re temporarily using an inexpensive point and shoot. So other than not getting knocked over by an enthusiastically licking dog or climbing toddler (I’m the jungle gym) when I attempt to go down on one knee for a shot, my difficulties are centered around learning the new settings on the camera and working with some of its limitations.

With that as a disclaimer, I’m using the shot I didn’t get to post (##!@*!!!) for last week’s topic of fire. We get some intense wind storms up here, and they kick lots of dust and debris up into the atmosphere. This creates the perfect palette for some beautiful sunsets. Last week, as I was struggling to understand why our computer wasn’t communicating with WordPress via Windows Live Writer, I noticed a warm glow on my computer screen. We sit with our backs to a west facing picture window, when we work on the computer. When I turned around to see what was causing the glow, I was greeted with this sight:

IMG 1031


So then I adjusted the camera settings, and saw this:

IMG 1033


Doesn’t that look like there is a raging fire outside of our window?

I ran outside to see if I could capture it without the window interference and reflections, but it lost some of the impact in the few minutes it took me to get down the dirt road and over to the pond.

IMG 1035


This was taken about 11pm, facing Northwest, over our dugout.

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~ by byrningbunny on May 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “Photo Friday: Difficult Shot”

  1. Wow, I love the sunset picture!!

  2. I must say I like all the photos! I would be proud to have capture any of them….and I for sure cannot pick a favorite.

  3. Those extraordinary shots match your blog name, byrningbunny! Ha!

  4. Oh wow that’s awesome. You took an awesome photo.

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