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Helios, our male ginger cat, had to spend some time at the vet this week. He was there for four nights because of a urinary tract blockage and infection. We were very sad and missed him, of course, but Shiloh, our new puppy, was a little lost without Helios. Helios is the only one close to his size that has the patience to play with the yappy little guy. The other cats all hiss and hit him and the two big dogs are, well, BIG. So when Helios returned from the vet, Shiloh immediately snuggled up next to him for a nap. I think Helios was happy to see him too!

Misty has started a fun new meme, and everyone is encouraged to participate. Please visit Camera Critters to learn more and to see other participants .

~ by byrningbunny on May 25, 2008.

7 Responses to “Camera Critters”

  1. Adorable! I’m glad your kitty is doing better.

  2. That is so adorable

  3. Beautiful. 🙂 Welcome to CC.

  4. Awww .. Look how much they love each other!!!

    We had a cat that got one of those infections except we didn’t know about it until it was almost too late. Upon seeing him acting very lethargic we rushed him to the vet where we were told he would die if he didn’t have emergency surgery.

    Now, I wasn’t married to hubby yet and my income was minimal to say the best. When the vet answered my question as to the cost of the surgery I about fainted. ($400 and this was five-six years ago.)

    I looked at my soon-to-be hubby and he nodded without me ever having to ask.

    I will be posting pictures of this kitty for next week’s CC. 🙂

  5. omg what an adorable photo!! It is so heartwarming to read of their friendship. Hope protective he is of his pup. We had a ginger male move in on us last week and he’s just great. He had to get fixed and wants to live in the garage (but I drag his butt in at night because the coyotes are back right now). He is a lovebug. No name yet, tho. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments, too. I’ve been SO tired from work and the beautiful weather that I am amazed I am still up this late (8:15pm!!). Hugs!

  6. sigh

    that should’ve been: HE’S SO PROTECTIVE. Buddy Cat is sleeping on my arms and when I toss him down he magically bounces back.

  7. They are far too cute, I need to send this to my friend Suzanne!!!

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