Green Thumb Sunday

So much has happened in our yard, in just the few weeks I was unable to blog. We’ve gone from snowy days and barren branches to rainy days and green growth and blossoms everywhere! We are discovering bulbs in the least likely places and realizing that not all of our trees and bushes made it through the winter.

We have terrible winds up here, and though they didn’t blow away one single leaf waiting to be raked, they did knock down one of the diseased evergreens in our yard!

IMG 1115

If you look carefully, you can see another one waiting to tip over. I used the zoom to take this (new camera — still learning the settings) while we were standing safely behind the quonset. The winds were howling around us (it’s a little dusty) and we didn’t know if any other trees might crash down, right on top of us!

The second tree has not tipped, so now removing the second tree is on our immediate project list. There is a third tree on the South side of the house (these are on the West side) that also needs to come out. I found something this winter that I think describes what is wrong with these trees, but I’ve lost the handout in the “organization process” as we settle into our new home. I believe these are spruce trees and they are covered with what looks like spider webs. They have gaping, oozing wounds in the bark, so I know that can’t be good.

2007 11 01a 056

My MIL is a working maniac, and we accomplished a great deal while she was here. There used to be an old house/stable that has been plowed over.

IMG 1145

MIL has almost single-handedly removed the majority of the pile. She is the one that discovered there were living quarters over the stables. She also found some neat old fences, posts and beams and troughs. She and Wubby moved lots of dried wood to our burn pile and we have part of the barn filled with wood to burn, and still there is more to do. At least we can see the foundation of one side now.

IMG 1222


Wubby pruned and pruned until she almost cut her finger off. She took the stitches out yesterday. Ugh. After her pruning injury, she bought a chain saw . . .

IMG 0772

We had a grown over area that was once an old garage. Apparently the garage burned down and now the area is overgrown — or was overgrown. We’ve cleared the majority of the trees out, and left a few of the new growth poplars, with enough space between to mature into a healthy windbreak. I’m moving the odd strawberry plants over here and we’ll be putting in local woodland flowers. Until then, we’ll leave the growing grasses and continue to rake up the leaves, as they may be diseased. MIL planted our first cranberry bush in here, and we hope to add more in the future. You can see the cement foundation around the patch. We thought this would be a nice area for a white picket fence. As you can see, we also began a compost heap, using straw bales.

IMG 0832

Just North of this area is our barn. It’s a tiny building, as far as barns go, but it did used to house dairy cows. I think that qualifies it as a barn, don’t you? At one time, they used to back in the delivery trucks to a platform to pick up the milk, but it has been backfilled. When we first saw the place, it was a weed patch. With help from MIL and my little man, we began the process of turning over the soil, filling in under the cement platform and removing each weed we came too. Whatever these weeds are, they have HUGE taproots and pricklies! Progress is slow in this part of the yard.

We’ve also moved some poplars and carragana out front to establish a new wind break and planted a jackmanii clematis (yay!! I’ve always wanted one), some peonies and purple smoke (baptisia~looks like monkshood) on the South side of the quonset. Here are MIL and Wubby posing with one of our new windbreak poplars (Wubby showed up just in time for pix and she found a couple of enormous ant hills as she trekked over to us). As you can see by the sky in the background, we were in the midst of a rain/windstorm while we worked.

IMG 1496

Whew! We’ve been busy and there is so much more to do. We also started some annuals and perennials to plant around the yard. They are still in the barn, being covered by plastic at night and open to the sun by day. When I checked the temperature gauge today around 5pm, the inside of the barn receiving the direct sun, was almost 110F! Outside of the barn it is still much colder and windier! 🙂

Green Thumb Sunday is open to all with an interest in plants and gardening. Please visit to join us or to find other participants to visit.

~ by byrningbunny on May 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Green Thumb Sunday”

  1. What a lot of work you’ve done! Your property looks beautiful.

  2. looking great pet picture a real memory maker

  3. wow, it’s you guys! And the little man! LOVE seeing you all!

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