Sky Watch Friday

sky watch friday

Sun shining through the gloom

IMG 0995

Sky Watch Friday is hosted by Tom of Welcome to Wigger’s World. Please visit Tom for information about participating in Sky Watch or to visit other participants.

~ by byrningbunny on May 29, 2008.

14 Responses to “Sky Watch Friday”

  1. Beautiful shot of the sun. The silhouette of the trees in the foreground makes the pic. unique.

  2. Beautiful capture taken looking up to the trees and sun 🙂
    Have a good weekend!!!

  3. I like the mythical aspect of this post. Almost like it was from lord of the rings or something!

  4. THanks for your nice comment in my blog….I appreciate it.

    A very nice photo you have here….sure looks cold though…has summer arrived for you yet?

  5. That is a wonderful photo! 🙂 Such a nice contrast! Great work! Have a nice day!

  6. Oh wow! I just remembered I havent processed my films from when i went to the beach, lots of cloud pictures.

  7. Beautiful and perfect!

  8. I love such skies that soften the sunlight and make a silhouette of the landscape.

  9. Beatiful Sky Watch photo,very good!

  10. Oh wow! That’s gorgeous. It looks so haunting!

  11. I like this, I think B&W are awesome when done right.. and this was.

  12. great picture, well done.

  13. It wasn´t so gloomy to me. Simple, good and graphic.

  14. Bunny, this looks almost like winter. Of course, it almost feels like winter here. Again. Grrrr. But this is a beautiful photo.

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