Camera Critters — Our pond visitors

IMG 2319 I’ve been trying for weeks to take some decent shots of the summer visitors we have, but it’s just not happening for a variety of reasons. If I had the opportunity to go and sit very still next to the pond, our lens would probably be up to the task. But between my “pack” and the mosquitoes, I don’t predict that happening this year!

I was able to spend a few minutes yesterday, between the two ponds, with only Shiloh to accompany me. He’s so tiny that he doesn’t really distract the birds much with his movement. And a huge bonus, when the big dogs and cats are not with us, he keeps his screeching bark down to a minimum! That helps my nerves and the ducks, geese and beaver appreciate it too!

IMG 2355

The one wearing white is Donald, named by my MIL, and is a buffle head duck. The others are his family. They were running away from me. If you look carefully, at the end tree reflection, about halfway to the bottom of the tree, you can see where the beaver just dove in! Now a peek at some other visitors:

IMG 2340

We did eventually scare some of them away. Look on the right.IMG 2361

They flew in a circle over my head, West to South,

IMG 2360

(Can you see them? There are two now) South to East to North, then

IMG 2363

North to West. They were giving us time to remove ourselves from their home! Which we promptly did.

Camera Critters is a fun meme recently begun by Misty. Please join everyone and share your stories of the critters you happen to meet along the way.

~ by byrningbunny on June 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “Camera Critters — Our pond visitors”

  1. Is Shiloh standing so tall because he knows the birds are there? A wonderful series of photos.

  2. You have buffalehead ducks! I’ve never seen one! I love how the water reflects.

  3. We saw lots of ducks and swans at the beach today.

    I played too πŸ™‚

  4. Your visitors are just a little camera shy, huh? I hope you get more chances to enjoy them.

  5. I think these pictures are fantastic! Not everyone can have a state of the art camera.. myself included. πŸ™‚

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