Camera Critters

Angel is one of my old ladies — 19 this year. I bribed her to come on a walk with me yesterday and almost had her to the pond. I’m pretty sure she would be fascinated by the dragonflies and ducks, if I could just get her through the tall grasses and mosquitoes! I was trying to coax her and in the picture you see below, she was telling me about how it already hurt her delicate feet to walk on the gravel driveway, so there is no way she wants to attempt the tall grasses, especially with a baby on the loose!

IMG 2916

I picked her up and showed her that the dogs were already at the pond. Doesn’t that look tempting?

IMG 2915

When I put her down, she “accidentally” ended up in the tall grass. Oops! Since she was already in the grass, she decided we may as well head to the pond and investigate.

IMG 2919

Angel didn’t stay down there long, but anytime I can entice them to put some variety in their days, I feel good. I want my old ladies to live full and happy lives.

Misty is our lovely host for Camera Critters. Please visit to see other participants and read their stories.

~ by byrningbunny on June 12, 2008.

One Response to “Camera Critters”

  1. Great story, Bunny. Mine will go anywhere with me so far. Unless it is raining. I love these photos because there is nothing as peaceful as walking with a cat.

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