Green Thumb Sunday


We have been so busy around our yard, that it’s hard to know what area to focus on. As usual, a picture has inspired me. The man who used to live here was a mechanic. If you look closely at this flower bed, you can see that the former owner’s used this to inspire their decorative edging.

As we do our cleaning and clearing, we are constantly surprised at the things we are finding buried three or four feet underground. Earlier this week, besides numerous cogs, batteries and tires, I found an old, old saw. It’s the old push me, pull me type. One person stands on one side and another on the other side of the tree. It was buried very deep and I still haven’t completely uncovered it. Hence, no decent pix yet.

IMG 3045

As I work each day, I have many helpers. I’d just planted runner beans, morning glory and bachelor’s buttons to fill in the teepee that you can’t really see in the background. My little helper thought watering was a great idea!

IMG 3050

Our hose doesn’t really reach very far, so he thought filling the water can was a great idea (and his very own ORIGINAL idea!) This earned him lots of praise! 🙂

While we were working hard, the weather was changing. This was a blessed relief, because the winds came and blew away the mosquitoes!

IMG 3021

Green Thumb Sunday is for Gardeners, Plant and Nature lovers, so join in every Sunday.

~ by byrningbunny on June 12, 2008.

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