Sky Watch Friday

sky watch friday

A Crabapple Sky

IMG 2527

Thanks to Tom of Wiggers World who hosts Sky Watch for us each week. Stop by to visit him and see the other participants. And don’t forget Strolling Through Georgia!

~ by byrningbunny on June 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “Sky Watch Friday”

  1. Oops! I left my comment on the wrong picture. The other one was cute though…and very dirty! :o)

  2. Crabapple are such beautiful trees and nowadays they are bred to come in all shapes and sizes and the fruit it still small and crabby but I like them for a lot of reasons. And birds love the tiny apples that have dried when food is hard to find. The crabapple seems like freeze dried food to me. Nice post. Beautiful photograph.

  3. Awesome shot

  4. Oh, how pretty. I love these flowers.

  5. Lovely shot!

  6. I am always amazed that Nature still celebrates spring when I am grieving. I try to find a message in it (besides Nature being uncaring), and it’s difficult. But it still lifts me up and makes me glad I’m alive.

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