Camera Critters #10


We were out the other day for a run and I brought my wet and weary dogs home to relax and dry out. I happened to look up and saw Zuva staring very intently at something. As tired as they were, I was very curious about what could have attracted her attention.

IMG 3204


So I grabbed the camera and zoomed over to the wood pile she was watching with such intense concentration. Sorry folks, this is even the new camera, but it’s been experimented on already by the little man, who loves to see what happens when he throws things!

IMG 3203

This is from a distance. That is a squirrel. And his is tugging and tugging on something that is stuck in the wood pile. I can’t tell what it is, and I don’t have any photo enhancement software. Zuva was fascinated! Usually she is chasing those squirrels like they are public enemy number one. Well, usually they are taunting her! I can’t tell if it’s another animal or if it’s a piece of canvas. Whatever it is, I don’t know how it got there because most of that wood has come from the building we are tearing down on the other side of the property. It’s old and dry and burns very nicely in the fire pit just out of sight to the right.

IMG 3201

In other creature happenings in our yard this week, I’ve been watching all the birds chasing the magpies. All of them, down to the tiniest sparrow, have been viciously attacking the magpies. I’ve assumed that there must be nests in our yard that I’m unaware of, and the magpies are probably going after their young (do they?) or they are fighting over the food to feed their babies. Anyway, whenever this vicious fighting was occurring so was the most awful screeching sound.

IMG 3220s

So I heard the most awful screeching again and went outside to look. I couldn’t find anything to see, just the general vicinity of the noise. As I was hunting, all was quiet again. Then all of a sudden, directly above my head, the screeching began again! I looked up and saw the bottom of a baby blue jay! And he was yelling at his parents to feed him. He was very high up in a skinny little tree that was smashed in on all sides by other trees and leaves, so it wasn’t easy to even get this angle. If you look closely though, you can see the puffy feathers right in the middle of the pic — I have no idea where his head is.

IMG 3220

Camera Critters is Misty’s creative meme. Please join the fun.

~ by byrningbunny on June 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Camera Critters #10”

  1. she is a good looking dog

  2. Starlings are as demanding. their food call sounds like a distress call (well, I suppose to them it is distressful!). I have so few blue jays that I miss their antics. I hope a squirrel baby wasn’t lost in the woodpile!

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