Family Photos

We went and had our pix taken this weekend. It’s a first for us, because we were waiting to have our birth announcement/adoption photo. We obviously thought it was going to happen a long time ago, and I just got tired of waiting. It didn’t seem fair to our little one. It was a trying event from the beginning, because our little man had just had his shots, we were staying at a stranger’s and he’s going through one of those refusing to eat phases. By 4pm, he was a grumpy little man!

When we got to the studio, the photographer was all alone and had to leave for a minute. So we had the fun opportunity to try and distract our little one from the neat phones with lots of buttons and all the fun computers and electronic equipment. Oh joy!

When she returned, she asked if we had any requests. Yes, we’d like to focus on our upper body/face area and a blue background please. She took a total of nine shots. One of them had a blue background. The others were white and brown. Three of the shots show the bottom of our shoes. The other ones have our shoes cut off, but show the rest of our bodies. None of them were as we requested.

I know it’s difficult to get grumpy little kids to smile, but I’m feeling just a teeny bit satisfied that she had to struggle so much with our little man. If she would have listened to our requests, it probably would have gone easier on her and we probably would have spent more money!

~ by byrningbunny on June 16, 2008.

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