Three Beautiful Things

Snuggling a freshly bathed newborn baby (after a good night’s sleep).

Watching our dogs play with their guests, Fawzie & Odie. They run for hours and hours and create toys out of everything.  My little man tries to keep up with them and gets in the middle of things whenever he can.  Odie is having a wonderful time swimming in the dugout.  The other dogs only go in to get wet and cool off, but Odie loves it down there (of course she came to our house fresh from the groomer!)

Being greeted by my little man when I pick him up in the morning.  Until now, he has reserved the word, “hi”, in his perfectly sweet, high-pitched voice for the cats and dogs.  Yesterday morning he began greeting me the same way and it lets me know that I’ve managed to become as important to him as the pets since the arrival of a newborn baby in our home : )  He even voluntarily holds my hand now!  He says “hi” to the new baby too, but he wants me to keep my distance from the new little one.  lol

~ by byrningbunny on July 16, 2008.

One Response to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. Yes, those are three beautiful things for sure! I love these posts.

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