Three Beautiful Things

Watching the baby blue jays explore the area with their parents.  They are being shown all the best places to find food.

Observing the magpies and their nest.  Still no sighting of the nestlings, but our yard is always a busy place, especially with the addition of two large new dogs.  I am amazed at how low to the ground the nest is and the large size of it.  I keep trying to post pix, but that’s always an iffy operation.  Sometimes I can, and sometimes I can’t.  So, so far, no pix of blue jays or magpies.

Everyday my little man discovers new things.  I love learning through his eyes and rediscovering the wonder of how things work.  We’ve had a large dog crate in the kitchen because one of our visitors is a puppy (and larger than any of the other three dogs!)  My little man loves crawling in and out of that crate.   lol  He also spent some time stealing the small container of wipes for the new little one (this one is human.)  When he had it emptied, he told me “uh oh, mom”, and then proceeded to clean the computer keyboard tray for me!  lol  He’s a bundle of contradictions and fun surprises and keeps me on my toes.

~ by byrningbunny on July 18, 2008.

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