Three Beautiful Things

Oddly enough, spending time in the hospital with the newborn babe.  It was a little like a vacation for me.  Everything we needed was provided, we had a private room and I had time to just sit and snuggle him.  At home, we have a jealous, almost 2 year old, so it’s a bit more of a juggle to find much snuggle time. 

Coming home.  My little man was in bed already, but woke screaming from those horrible night terrors he has.  I went up to him and surprised him.  At first he was still in the dream and it didn’t dawn on him that it was me, but I soothed him a bit and then he clung to me.  After we sat and chatted for a while, he took my shoes off my feet and had me put them up on his changing table so he could see them all night.  I guess that’s his way of ensuring that I don’t leave home without him anymore!  lol

Our stay in the hospital didn’t come at a very good time (do they ever?)  I have been so fortunate with the number of people who have really reached out and helped with things that needed to be done.  Doug came to the hospital and changed the flat tire I had while driving into town.  What an awesome person he is to help out that way.  Kiki went out and single handedly purchased enough new clothes and blankets for this little guy to have had a shower.  Again, so very thoughtful.  The nurses and staff all went out of their way to ensure our comfort and the health of our babe.  Our doctors are incredible men and I feel lucky that we have them to advise us through some difficult times.  Since we live so far out of town, this was the first opportunity I had to shop for the new young’un.  Problem was, I had him with me and he’s just teeny.  As I was leaving the store today (in a gale, of course), the kindest man came up and pushed my cart so I could carry the baby safely.  When we got to the car, he unloaded it for me!  So very thoughtful.  And then another lady offered to help, and held the baby, as I was loading up from another store.  There really are kind and thoughful people in the world, and I was fortunate to meet many of them this weekend.  Thanks to you all!

~ by byrningbunny on July 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. How beautiful. Congratulations are in order!

  2. I think another beautiful thing is your spouse.

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