Three Beautiful Things

My little man’s powers of observation and his need to share them with me!  Can you see the loop in the power line?  It drives him nuts!  He says, “Uh oh, Mom!” many, many times a day when he sees it.  It happens to go right over our swing.  He also has to point out each place one of the cats has hawked up a hair ball or other equally gross or forgettable incidents that have happened since his powers of observation and memory have been awakened.  I’m sure I will think it is hilarious in the future, but now I tell myself everyday (at least a thousand times) that it is proof of his growth and learning and how lucky I am that he wants to share it all with me and isn’t that a beautiful thing?

My cats, Nyx and Helios, are hunters extraordinaire.  They are also very sweet and generous and not only bring home mice for us, they bring home mice and give them to the dogs!  Isn’t that sweet?  If the mice happen to be alive, I’m the idiot that rescues them and donates them to the farmer’s field.

My little man and the relationship he is developing with the baby (who was two months old yesterday.)  He is so concerned when the baby cries (which happens at least every two hours, as regular as clockwork) that today he shared his juice with the baby before I could stop him!  The baby seemed to love the juice, but we aren’t going to be so happy about it in a little while — he has reflux.  I can just imagine what it will do to his little tummy.  But my little man also likes to share his toys and soothers with the baby and help me change his diapers.  He is so jealous of the time we spend with the baby that it is very reassuring to see that he is able to distinguish between his feelings for the baby and his anger at us (Wubby got a dose of it this weekend when he kept walking in on her with the baby in her arms!  lol)

~ by byrningbunny on September 8, 2008.

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