Thursday Thirteen



Thirteen things that occurred today:

  1. Our internet was fixed!
  2. Our little man was fascinated by the bucket truck used to fix the radio antennae and wiring on the roof, and wanted to stand in the open doorway (it is cold and snowy here) and watch the complete proceedings.
  3. The guy who came to help us actually listened to what we were saying and then went above and beyond in the help he was required to give us.  That makes him a hero in my book.  That and the fact that he explained why his job in forestry was not as satisfying as his work helping people solve their internet problems.
  4. Shoveling snow with my little man.  He is the world’s greatest shoveller.  His Uncle Doug has given him an assortment of shovels and he is an expert with each one.  Now if I could just convince him that there is a reason to put on gloves and keep them on!
  5. Finding out from the doc that you really CAN’T take over the counter medication for a cold when you are taking certain heart medications.  BUMMER.  How long has it been since you’ve gone all the way through a cold or flu without taking anything to alleviate the symptoms?
  6. My little man chatted with his granny again today.  He loves the telephone.
  7. He loves it so much that he’s pulled it out of the wall again.
  8. Our cat, Nyx, has discovered an old dog house that was left on the property when we moved in.  It effectively hides her from the birds and protects her precious self from the cold.  I need to move that doghouse far, far away from the birds.
  9. Our sissy cats, Nyx and Helios, both begged to be let in the bathroom window today because they were desperate to be out of the cold.  I’m really not cruel.  They love to be outside, but they are not adjusting well to the changing weather this year.
  10. Our little man received his first issue of the Friend from his other grandmother.  It may still be awhile before he will sit still long enough to enjoy anything other than tearing the pages.
  11. After his bath tonight he was content to sit with us and watch In the Night Garden, the only thing that keeps his attention for any amount of time. 
  12. He did help his mom fry onions today and temporarily thought that was better than eating candy.
  13. We are currently enjoying hot chocolate  that Wubby brought home to soothe my sore throat.

~ by byrningbunny on November 12, 2008.

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